Network Software

Network Software

MPS has a team of very experienced, multi-decade Silicon Valley Network / OS SW engineers, that can handle the most challenging aspects of any Network project.

We recently specialize in Complex, but High Performance Multicore Network Processor platforms with HW acceleration, (Multicore Intel, Cavium, Broadcom(Netlogic/RMI), Freescale QorIQ, Tilera), and custom offload engines. But we can provide services on any platform.

With our Network SW backgrounds, we can also adapt and deliver optimized solutions involving any Network Protocol or application.

MPS specializes in these Packet Processing Solutions:

  • Intel DPDK based solutions
  • DPI and L7 Analysis
    • Both Proprietary and OpenSource based
  • Partner Qosmos deployments (basic and custom)
  • Zero copy driver solutions
  • Partner 6WIND software deployments

Please contact us for more details.