Board Bringup

Board Bringup, Bootloader, Diagnostics

MPS has provided new board services on many projects,
with specialization on Broadcom(Netlogic/RMI), Cavium, and Freescale platforms.

MPS is the industry’s top experts on new board services and provide the absolute best service in this space.

Our services range across:

  • Bootloader(u-boot), bringup
  • Verification and Manufacturing Diagnostics
    • (including on board HW adds)
  • OS and Driver porting
    • (including on board HW adds)

Leveraging MPS for new board services benefit our customers by:

  • Keeping Senior Engineers free for existing product lines
  • Providing services that are difficult to staff
  • Alleviating the need to staff for these temporary product cycle phases
  • Removing learning curves for new Platforms and other HW
  • Quick HW issue isolation with our assistance to your HW team
  • Insurance of an on-schedule bringup and handoff to your application team

Please contact us for more details.