SSL Acceleration

SSL Offload Presentation

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  • SSL Monitoring vs. SSL Termination
  • SSL Monitoring models: “Enterprise In” and “Enterprise Out”
  • SSL Acceleration, connection, & bulk crypto
  • Inline vs. Parallel SSL Hardware Acceleration
  • Inline solutions & features for SSL monitoring solutions

Termination – Standard Web Server Deployment

Web Server Deployment with Reverse Proxy

SSL Monitoring Models: “Enterprise In”

SSL Decoder function could optionally be integrated into the NPB or Analytical Tools units.

SSL Monitoring Models: “Enterprise Out”

SSL Acceleration: connection & bulk crypto

Hardware Acceleration solutions may accelerate connection, bulk crypto, or both.

Many hardware solutions let software process connections while hardware accelerates bulk crypto.

Parallel or Co-processor Hardware Acceleration Model

Typical Hardware SSL Acceleration in use Today

Inline Hardware Acceleration Model

Inline Solution offers advantages for some applications.

Inline vs. Parallel SSL Offload: Parallel PCIE Attached Coprocessors


  1. Load balance to a CPU
  2. TCP stack
  3. Open SSL
    1. To crypto engine
    2. Back from crypto engine
  4. Application delivery and processing


  1. App to open SSL
  2. Open SSL
    1. To crypto engine
    2. Back to Open SSL
  3. TCP stack
  4. Out to NIC

For each direction:

  • Data crosses PCIE 2x (crypto engine), NIC 1x.
    • Significant bus & memory overhead with extra I/O operations
  • Still significant software/CPU overhead processing connections and interacting with crypto engine.

Inline vs. Parallel SSL Offload: Inline Solution


  1. Load balance to a CPU
  2. TCP stack
  3. Application delivery and processing


  1. App to TCP stack
  2. TCP stack
  3. Out to NIC

Extra bus transfers removed. All SSL software/CPU overhead offloaded to NIC.

Parallel vs. Inline Scalability

Coprocessors are a global resource.

Multiple can be installed but require a software load balance implementation.

Inline crypto acceleration is per NIC.

Multiple can be installed with load balance across interfaces.

Inline Solutions & Features for SSL Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring solution desired features:

  1. Option to “cut through” non-SSL traffic.
    1. Out BIW port
    2. To host for normal analytics.
  2. 2-way NPB (Network Packet Broker) interface for host to decide to forward or drop a packet (as opposed to a simple Tap interface).
  3. Option for SSL traffic to be delivered as “payload-only” or “generated TCP streams”
  4. Support for multiple Tap ports to prevent oversubscription.

Additional MPS Inline SSL Monitoring Features:

  1. Traffic can be delivered with zero-copy, kernel bypass drivers, directly to user-space applications.
  2. Host application interface can be customized to meet customer requirements.
  3. “Cut-through” options can be configurable.

MPS Inline SSL Monitoring Solution can provide these features to meet customer requirements.